A Typical Day For Our London Electricians

It never ceases to amaze me how little some people value electrical safety. A team of our London electricians recently came across what is shown in this photo of a job in Bromley, South East London. Someone had perhaps run out of fuse-wire and bypassed the fuse with some 1 mm braded copper wire. For the sake of a new piece of fuse wire (less than a few pounds) they had seriously jeopardised the whole installation. Even if they had searched for a qualified London electrician in one of the many publications, the cost of rectification would have not been substantial, certainly less than a cost of a fire.

What Our Team Of London Electricians Did

We replaced all the cable and ran the new cable in conduit. We also replaced the re-wire-able fuses for plug in MCB’s, a cost effective and safe solution. The customer was happy and commented that he would use our London electricians again.

Why You Need Professional Electricians In London

We came to the job after the customer informed us that a cable had burnt through on the outside of his block of communal flats. How a fire didn’t start I’ll never know as the cable, which was twin and earth and not suited for outside use due to ultra violet light breaking down the insulation, had been clipped to a wooden framed window and was right below a beautiful wisteria. The clip used to hold the cable had been banged into the wood too hard and caused a crimp in the cable.

There were scorch marks on the window and if the incident had happened in warmer weather I’m sure a serious fire could have taken hold. Sadly, our electricians in London come across this sort of thing all too often. What’s more, he informed us that an identical block over the road had recently burnt down and had had to be completely refitted due to, guess what, an electrical related fire.