Why you may need an Electrical Installation Certificate

Quite a few customers seem reluctant whenever I talk to them about the importance of performing an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) which is the correct terminology for an electrical installation certificate. Truth is it will probably be the best money that they have ever spent on their electrical installation. I remember reading an article in the paper a while ago with respect to paying builders for writing up estimates and the sense there was in doing this. In a similar manner, EICR’s are the same but perhaps even more important. They are relatively quick to perform and draw your attention to any potential problems before you run into them. Or you could fall into the old trap of having a builder start, ripping everything out and then saying “oh by the way, XYZ need doing too and it will be this much extra”.

When you have a defined set of works, like an electrical installation certificate will provide you, it will greatly reduce the likelihood of overruns/added expense. It will also give you above all knowledge and understanding. Plus, a firm more inclined to rely on paperwork is likely to be more professional. Hence, there is a much greater chance of you obtaining value for money. Electrical installation condition reports also demonstrate to future potential buyers that you have cared and looked after your premises. Surveyors are increasingly interested in the electrical side of reports. And also what better a way to satisfy them than showing all the certificates that any reputable electrical installation company will give you.

Difference Between Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) and Electrical Installation Certificate

There is an important point to distinguish though; electrical installation condition reports are different from electrical installation certificates. An electrical installation condition report is a bit like an MOT for a car. It will notify you of issues but not necessarily fix them all. On the other hand, an electrical installation certificate is used when a new piece of work has been completed. And, the electrical company is saying that they warrant what has been performed. Whether that is a rewire of a house or just a new circuit.

It is important that you have read and fully understand them. Any professional electrical company worth there salts will make sure they explain the certificates to you thoroughly. Even if it’s a certificate produced from another company and you have question regards its contents, please feel free to ask us. Prices for Electrical installation condition reports start from £150 but our advice on the phone is free.

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Electrical installation condition report example

As the pictures below demonstrate, the importance of an electrical installation condition report cannot be emphasised enough. One showing that some reported Polish builders didn’t know how to wire a standard 3 pin UK plug and equally dangerous, an overloaded neutral meter tail.