Complete rewire house? or only part electrical rewire? Don’t overpay!

Need an Electrical Rewire in the South London area?

How do you know if you need an electrical rewire? It’s an important question to understand as the difference between rectifying a simple electrical fault and the complete electrical rewire of a house is obviously worlds apart in terms of costs. Would you be confident enough to ascertain when an electrical rewire is required and when it is not? Everyone who works here is not on a job creation scheme but sadly not everyone within the electrical trade is so trust worthy. Below are pictures of past examples of projects, some have required part rewire, some a full house rewire and some have just needed simple maintenance. Can you tell which is which?

Danger lurking in a swimming pool

Danger lurking outside with cracked junction box

Looks worse than it is

Easy fix

So, none of the four actually needed any serious electrical rewiring or complete rewiring for that matter. The picture opposite with the red and black cables are the most dangerous as the insulation had started to break down due to age and the rubber based compound it was made from. Be on your guard that other electricians may try and talk you into having a complete house rewire in order to line their own pockets, when in fact, all you may need is a partial electrical rewire.