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Commercial Electrical Contractors

Not only do we do domestic premises but commercial and light industrial ones too. This element of electrical contracts does really require specialist electrical contractors and even if it’s an area we do not cover, we will be able to point you in the direction of a firm that can. 400 volt 3 phase supplies really require an expert and are not suitable for unqualified personal. We have built up a list of specialist electrical contractors in London and we have tried and tested them too. There are a surprisingly large number of specialised areas within the electrical industry and from time to time we do get requests that we do not feel able to handle, whether that be due to time constraints or for lack of expertise. However, if we need to point you in the right direction of another specialist electrical contractor we will.

Below is an example of how someone tried to wire in a 3 phase electrical cable into a standard 230volt single phase UK supply. A job that really required a professional electrical contractor like myself.

3 Phase cable inside socket outler, not wired by non professional electrical contractors?

Testing of School in Wimbledon, south west London

Below is an example of me testing a 3 phase fuse box in a school in south west London, Wimbledon. The board was supplying all the electrics to a swimming pool and unfortunately there were a few issues discovered. Firstly, there was a break in the ring main supplying all the sockets, luckily this was discovered when inspecting one of the sockets and was just a loose connection. Other issues included;

  1. A break in the earth to the floodlights
  2. A faulty RCBO that was not tripping in the specified time
  3. A glitter ball inside zone 1 of the swimming pool. Ie. Too close to the water

Another problem was the state of the emergency lighting but I shall cover this on a separate page on this website as there is a lot to explain.

Commerical testing

Testing of a 3 phase distribution board