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Do you need an Electrician Bromley? While I was on another electrical job in Bromley last week I spotted this danger. An exposed live conductor was lurking behind the hot water cylinder. As shown below in the picture, which was in the bathroom. The house was built around 2000 and strictly speaking is more in Chislehurst than Bromley. However, it was within the London borough of Bromley. I suspect the original electrician installed everything correctly originally but since then it has been altered. A plumber or another tradesman has come along and spurred off the cable with a connector block.

What’s more the exposed connector block was left lying on the floor. If the cylinder or pumps in this cupboard ever leaked and someone stepped into the puddle, the consequences could be fatal. The house had a 3 phase consumer unit due to its large size and had no RCD protection. I suspect there was no supplementary bonding either.

electrician bromleyAnother Electrical job in Bromley

Our electricians in Bromley recently attended the job below shown in the picture. Unbelievably, this is how unscrupulous kitchen fitters had wired up an induction hob in the kitchen. I don’t think I’ll even begin to critique this example it’s so bad. Our electricians in Bromley soon sorted this mess out but why pay twice? Get the job completed first time and properly with a  dedicated electrician Bromley.

electrician bromley Plug buried in plaster wall

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